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Here are some links to Zenger's articles elsewhere on the web.

Click here for interviews about aids.

Click below for an article on pregnant women and HIV-testing.
1996 Article

Click here.

Click below for an interview with Dr. David Rasnick, protease expert and member of President Mbeki's AIDS panel, on the South African AIDS Panel.

David Rasnick

Magnus is a great San Francisco paper that included articles from members of ACT-UP San Francisco, and is an important alternative to the corporate "LGBT" papers. Magnus republished a Zenger's article about the conflicts between the Gay & Lesbian Center in L.A. and ACT-UP Hollywood. Published in April 2000, the story is a bit dated. (Note: the Magnus site has photgraphs of the male nude.)

Click Here to read the Magnus article.

Zenger's has long covered the medical marijuana movement. Click below to read an article from August 1999, on the arrest of activist Steve McWilliams.

Click here for the McWilliams article.

Recently Zenger's has been covering the California energy crisis. Click on the the link below to read an interview with Public Utility Commissioner Carl Wood.

Click here to read the Carl Wood interview.

Click the link below to see a photograph of our editor/publisher in a gallery of aids activists.

Click here for photo.

The alternative views on aids found in Zenger's has a corresponding organization in HEAL San Diego. Part of a network of organizations spreading information and hope.

Click here to visit HEAL San Diego.

Please check out these current articles Zenger's staff have posted to the San Diego Independent Media Center site. Many articles on the Biojustice events and genetic engineering.

Voices from the Street during Biojustice 2001 rotests

Over 1,200 Turn Out for Biojustice March and Rally une 24

Biojustice at the Starlight Bowl: Transcripts from ress Conferences

Biotech Dragon - Photo

Percy Schmeiser: Canadian Farmer Fights Back

Say Goodbye to the Family Farm

What Is Life? The Scientific and Philosophical Case gainst Genetic Engineering

Biojustice 2001/The Ultimate Corporate Takeover

San Diego Police, Officials, Businesses Prepare for IO 2001 Protests (Perhaps the most important of he group from a San Diego perspective.)

Click here to visit the Library of Congress.

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